Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 25, 26, 27

I've been MIA. Stating the obvious, I know!
Week 25: 202.5
Week 26: 204
Pretty bad, right?
I did better this week. And reached a major milestone. I finally got into the 100s. It was probably high school the last time I was in the 100s.
This past weekend we bought a juicer, but I don't have it yet. It's our belated anniversary gift. Long term I want to include juices as meal replacement option. Maybe a 1 day juice cleanse once a month. Something I want to do soon though is a 7-10 day cleanse. Will I make it that long? I'm not sure. But I'm going to try. One day at a time. I need my body to crave fresh, good food. I did what I'm supposed to and went the Dr. I knew it wouldn't hurt to have some blood work done. Everything came back great except my thyroid is slightly out of range. It's not something she want to medicate, but its something to be mindful of.
We also bought a new scale since the one we had stopped working.

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