Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 24

(Sorry for the upside-down pic.)
As you can tell, I got my ass in gear this week. I temporarily dropped my calories down to about 1300. Some days it was closer to 1500. I'm paying a lot more attention to what my body wants. I started puting spinach in my breakfast smoothies again. I'm watching my portions more.(Umm, except for the 1/2 watermelon I ate on Mon. Nobody got fat eating too much watermelon though.)
Some NSVs....Tues morning I ran 22 min straight. I combined my 4th & 5th intervals. So what used to be my 4th, 5th & 6th intervals are now all one interval. I was telling myself as I was getting to the end of my 2nd interval that maybe on Sat I'd combine my 2nd & 3rd interval. But I got to the end of my 4th interval and I was just feeling it so I kept going. My 3.47 mile route took me 45:30 and I ran 37 min of that. My other NSV is that I officially promoted my size 12 jeans into the drawer. And hung up a pair of size 10 khakis on the curtain rod. (I hang my motivation size pant up on the curtain rod so that I see them when I go to hit snooze. Reminds me why I need to get my ass outta bed and workout.) My good problem to have is all my size 16 jean shorts (that I've saved for 10+ yrs for the when I can finally fit into them again) are too big. 16 is the smallest size I've saved. I'm guessing that I'm between a 12 & 14. I really don't want to buy more shorts. Hopefully I'll be smaller next summer and this summer is 1/2 over already. I just wouldn't get my moneys worth. Guess I'll make due with what I have. I have been buying lots of workout clothes and running gear. Maybe I'll do a separate post on that. I might be obsessed. Buying tops in size Large and bottoms in size Medium. (Fucking Medium!!!!!!) And I swear they aren't so tight that it looks my ass is eating my shorts. They pull right up and don't have to do a dance to squeeze into them. On my shopping trip I tried on a size Large jersey dress and it fit great. Probably the highlight of my week.
Great week for me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 23

Yep. So let's get real. Now  I could blame this all on my in-laws being here this past weekend, but that wouldn't be right. To completely bore the shit out of you, I'm going to list what I ate. At least what I can remember. Remember? That's right. Had I been tracking like I'm supposed [NEED] to, I would be able to look it up.
3-cheese Nachos from Qdoba
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Caesar salad from Dave&Busters
Fish & Chips (1 breaded cod filet, small portion of fries, green beans)
Glass of wine
Brownie Batter FroYo with toppings
Jimmy Johns #5 & reduced fat chips
2 very large slices of DQ Reeses blizzard cake
DQ Crispy Chicken salad with Ranch and some fries
Another very large slice of blizzard cake
That's just the bad stuff. I also had my usual smoothies for breakfast. Some meals this week I had a protein bar and fruit for my meal.  My biggest issue this week, (can't believe I'm going to admit this) eating an entire tub of cookie dough. That's right. Thankfully I kept up my running or I would've gained more than 3#. I would feel so sick and miserable after the ice cream and cookie dough but I still kept eating it. It was like my brain took a time machine back to when I was 70# heavier. Am I self sabotaging? Was I using the excuse (read: reason to blame on someone I don't like ) of family visiting to eat like shit?
I'm pissed at myself. When I did WW, I'd gotten about 40# off and then I started falling off track. Gained back some weight. Then I got pregnant. I can't do that this time. I have to keep going. I still have a good 60 (65 now) pounds to lose.
I'm going to track my food again. I might cut my calories. I'm scared to cut too much because that can have the reverse affect. We said we would get a juicer for our anniversary so I need to look into those. I need to make an appointment with my Dr to make sure there aren't any concerns about me doing a juice fast. I'm talking 7-10 days. I think it would be so good for my mind. To stop focusing on food and just focus on what my body is telling me.
Hopefully the next time I see you I'll be back on track and a few pounds lighter.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 22

Yep. The same.
My non-scale victory this week is that I'm running 16 minutes straight within my 3.5 mile route. That's more than an entire mile. I've never jogged a mile in my life. It feels awesome! I've combined my 4th & 5th intervals together. Soon I might get brave enough to combine my 2nd & 3rd intervals. This girl inspired me to push myself. Seriously, if she can run a mile so can I. She did awesome! I don't know her. Never conversed with her before. But I am so proud of her.
My non-scale failure was allowing myself to eat an entire bag of PB M&Ms fully knowing I'd feel sick. Sometimes I feel like I'll never learn.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 21

That is one sexy foot tan, right?
Had a good week. I'm getting back to where I was with my runs. I still haven't my speed back from before I was sick, but back to getting all 6 intervals in. I'll get there soon.
I've created a cleaning schedule for myself. I do a pretty shitty job of keeping the house clean and I need to be better about. We don't have a hoarders situation going on here or anything. No bathtubs filled with cat shit or 2 year old gallon of milk in the fridge. We just procrasinate for a few weeks, then its "Oh shit, [family member] will be here next weekend. Need to start cleaning." I want my kids to grow up in a clean home like I did. My mom was single with 4 kids. I really don't have an excuse. I'm lazy. I use the kids as a crutch. If R is napping, I don't want to make noise doing _______ and risk waking her. I don't feel like carrying R upstairs to clean our master bedroom while G is napping. The excuses need to stop. I don't want to teach my kids to be lazy. And shit, if my ass is up cleaning that's just more calories I'm burning. Plus G likes to help me do stuff around the house. It takes longer but I know it'll be worth it. I've tried a cleaning schedule before , but its never stuck. Guess I can just keep trying.
Something I've been considering lately is seeing a therapist. I think the smart thing to do is work out my mental issues with food. Of course there's other things I could use help with, but that would be one of my bigger reasons to go. Not sure I can justify the cost yet. If there's anyone reading that has seen a therapist for losing weight, please chime in if it did or didn't help you.
That damn 199 on the scale is so close I can almost taste it. I will get there. Hopefully by the end of June.