Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 40

Let me explain.
Thur, Fri, Sat were all normal days. I was still doing the 30DS dvd. Got up to day 6. Sat, I also ran and walked a ton at an event at my husband's work. Some of it wearing a 20 lb kid.
Then Sun happened and everything went to shit. That morning my stomach started cramping. I had been holding off working out until the kids napped but really started to not feel well and decided to nap while they did. Late that afternoon I woke with 101.2 temp. Still getting stomach cramps. They hurt. Bad enough to remind me what birthing a baby feels like. By Mon morning my temp had broke and was feeling better. But had zero appetite. I survived off water, saltine crackers and applesauce for a few days. I slowly got more of my appetite back. Mostly still getting milder stomach cramps after every time I eat. They are getting better each day. So I'm thinking my body went into starvation mode.
For the most part, I'm feeling back to normal today. I started day 1 of 30DS again yesterday. Retaking before pictures & measurements. Hopefully this week I can make a dent in this 200lb+ crap.

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