Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 52

Sad thing is that is a big loss this week. Especially considering I've had a cold and had to takes days off from working out. Pretty sure I was around 209. Pathetic, right? I'm feeling more focused. The size 16 bridesmaid dress that I have to ne in by mid-May is helping.
I guess I haven't been very vocal around here because I haven't felt good about myself. I don't feel very inspirational.
It's been 1 full year since I've been on this journey. I started out at 241. 40 lbs lost in a year is decent. Better than nothing or even a gain. But I know I could have done better. Much better! I would love it if I lost another 40 lbs this year. But really my biggest concern right now is to get down to 174. Then I'll no longer be considered obese.

I did make 2 resolutions for 2013.
*Be better about getting the kids outside to be active. They are 3 & 1 so a little limited on what we can do. But I want being active to be a lifestyle for them and it has to start with me.
*Keep a clean home for my kids to grow up in. I am horrible about cleaning. I try and I try to make it a habit but it just never sticks. As the kids continue to get older I hope it'll get easier.

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