Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Chapter

I should have started this about 22 days ago. Better late than never. Here goes...
Ever since 3rd grade, I have been overweight. Ever since college, I have been obese. I gained the Freshman 15, Sophomore 15 and so on. At my absolute worst is when I graduated college and moved in with my fiance (current hubs). Didn't find a job for months. Ate whatever I wanted. Wedding planning stress. I was working my way up to 3X/26W (approx 288#). Once I was settled at a new job and the wedding was over, I slowly started eating a little better. It wasn't until spring of 2008 that I started Weight Watchers with my supervisor/friend. Starting weight was 280.8#. Throughout that year I got down to 233# but once the holidays hit I lost my focus and motivation. I wasn't regularly working out so my weight loss was 98% from what I was eating. It slowly creeped back up. By the time I got pregnant with my son my weight was at 242#. I did well and only gained 32# with that pregnancy. He was born in November of 2009. By November 2010, I had managed to lose it all but 5#. Meaning my beginning pregnancy weight with my daughter was 247#. In August 2011 my ending pregnancy weight was 266#. Only gained 19# that pregnancy and since she weighed half of that it was pretty easy to lose the rest while breastfeeding. I casually watched what I ate and tried to weigh myself every Sunday. Didn't do great. Didn't do horrible...(9/11 246#, 9/18 243#, 9/25 244#, 10/23 248#, 10/30 245#, 1/10 240.5) See where I let the holidays get the best of me?
On January 12, 2012, I got more serious. I downloaded the Myfitnesspal app on my phone and arranged with a friend to make me accountable for my weight loss. Every day I log my calories on the app. Every Thursday morning I weigh myself and check in with my friend on what I've lost that week.
Starting weight on 1/12 was 241#. Even though I don't have it documented, I know I fluctuated at least 5# more than that since Christmas break. So any weight loss I do have, in my mind I had 5# to it. That following Sunday I got my space set up in the basement to workout, started the 30 Day Shred and here's what's happened since...1/19 237# and 1/26 237#. Which brings me to today, 234.5#. In 3 weeks, I've lost 6.5#. Not too bad. Today was day 18 of the 30 Day Shred. I had to skip one day recently since I wasn't feeling well but other than that those are consecutive days. The most dedicated I have been to exercising in my life. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I can see more of a difference in muscle gained than pounds lost.
There it is.

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