Friday, February 17, 2012

week 5

227.5 (yesterday)
I have not seen 220s on a scale in probably 10 years. I tried on a few jackets yesterday that I haven't worn since my 2nd year of college. And they fit. People I can see the bones in the back of my hands again. Its the little changes like that keep me going. I can see changes everywhere. Except for like my ears. I'm struggling though with that fact that my stupid fat roll on my belly is not going away as much as I'd like.  Its so frustrating to carry my weight in my stomach. I so wish I was one of those girls that carried my weight in my ass. Struggling a little more with the urge to just snack as much as I want to. Especially on the bag of Valentine PB m&ms that's in my pantry. They are my sons. I shouldn't be touching them. I've had a few here & there. The other day I grabbed a handful but I did count it in my calories.

Remember my pair of 16 jeans that I mentioned last week? They fit. I now have a pair of 14 capris hanging there now. My last day of 30DS was Tues. I lost 13.5#. And I only did levels 1 & 2. It took me 31 days because I wasn't feeling well 1 day. I'm thinking I'll wait til I hit a plateau before I start it up again. Next time I hope to do all 3 levels for ten days each. It was pretty hard on my knees and I even modified most of the jumping stuff. I was fearful that once the 30 days was up that I would stop working out. I'm glad I started out with 30DS because it got me in the habit of working out and wanting to workout. Took Wed off, but yesterday and today I did 20 min on the elliptical plus my usual crunches on the ball. Until it starts warming up outside my ass is staying inside. My ball also came with a workout dvd that I think I'll try to mix in with the elliptical. I'm going to start out exercising 5 days/wk and see how that goes.

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