Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 12

4/5/12 I won't go into details. This isn't a mom blog and most are grossed out by anything breastfeeding. Plus its not an interesting story anyway. I'll just say that I'm weaning. Therefore, I'm carrying some extra weight in the boobie area right now. I was pretty happy to see a 1# loss. Funny how just a few weeks ago I was totally bummed to see 1# less on the scale. Right this very moment I am wearing my size 14 capris that have been my motivation pants. They're still too tight to wear in public yet, but they are on, fastened and zipped up. Our schedule is out of whack this week so I've had to get on the elliptical TuWTh. I'm up to 25 min and level 2 on the interval cycle. Just isn't the same as getting outside. I feel like I should write more but I'm just not in a writing mood. Later

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