Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 17

...again. I've gotten into that ridiculous cycle of gaining the same weight on the weekend and then losing it during the week. I'm sure some of this is my hormones and such adjusting from no longer pumping. I've also been eating out more lately. I'm working on this. It's a constant struggle to stay positive and remember how far I've come. On the positive side I'm up to 32 minute of jogging (in intervals) and my first 3 intervals are up to 4 min. I'm wasting time so I'll try to explain my typical run that I've been doing. I have a set path I take in our subdivision that is about 3.5 miles. A bit longer than a 5k I hope to get signed up for so I should be well prepared. The first 5 min I walk to get my heart rate up. Jog 4 min, walk about 2 min, Jog 4 min, 2 min walk, Jog 4 min, 2 min walk, 7 min jog, 2 min walk, 6 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog. That's approximate walk times. I use a stop watch on my wrist to time only my jogging. It adds up right though because it takes me 46-47 min. Each week I increase my first 3 intervals by 30 sec. The last 3 intervals I have slowly increased distance. Both work for me. I KNOW I can jog at least 4 min now and I don't have an excuse to cut one interval short. Unless I'm getting chased down by a dog, then I have to stop and walk. :::rolling eyes::: at irresponsible dog owners The last 3 intervals I know how far I can go. I didn't plan to break it down this way. Its just how it worked out. I have certain jogging start points that I will have to adjust soon as my first 3 intervals increase to 5/6 min. While I was running Sat, I remembered how proud I was the day I'd worked up to jogging 14 min total. And now I've more than doubled that. It amazes me how much I have pushed myself AND for how long I have kept this up. I'm still the old me, but I am such a new person. Whether I eat like crap for a weekend or get in a funk, I still don't have a desire to go back to the old me. My kids are loving this new mom. Better mom. Every single day, I get down on the floor with them to play. Its my favorite part of the day and I think its theirs too. And I'm so happy that I can do that physically.

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