Monday, March 26, 2012

M&Ms are my enemy

I picked up a bag of plain Easter M&Ms for G. I've been able to do this before with little temptation, but today that was not the case. 8 servings per bag. I've eaten 7. I'm in a funk and need to snap out of it. On Sat I went on a search for a few tops. Maybe a pair of capris. I didnt need to replace my entire wardrobe. Just a few items to get me through til summer when I can hopefully buy Large size tops or size 14 bottoms. Even though 30# is a significant amount, I still look like a fat ass in clothes. Especially the trendy clothes that are out now. They just don't hide my stomach roll as much as I'd like. Or at all. So having a shitty day of trying on clothes is making me want to eat like shit. Making me not want to workout. Making me not want to count calories. It's so dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I should be working my ass off even harder. Because of shitty timing on Sun, I didn't get to workout til that evening. That always throws me off when I have to exercise later in the day. I lose my drive as the day goes on. I am making myself get up before the ass crack of dawn and push myself hard on the elliptical. I really want to go out and walk/jog, but I'm not going out in the dark at 5a. That's just setting myself to get attacked by a dog. Not sure if I've told those stories. If anyone has advice on how to get out of a funk I will take it.


  1. I totally feel you! I went looking at clothes yesterday, to try and give myself a little bit of motivation - lots of gorgeous tops, skirts, shorts...... and then I felt down because I can't wear any of that stuff YET. But if we keep on like this, feeling bad and eating shit (I did that yesterday and made myself ill!) then we will NEVER get there. I think the best thing to do to get out of a funk is just to do it - get out and workout no matter what you feel like - don't even give yourself time to talk yourself out of it! lol I know it's easier said than done! I'm heading to the gym now even though I have a headache. But the sun is shining and it's making me think how far I can go in the next 3 months if I just get on with it! I look forward to following your journey to AWESOMENESS!! =) xoxo

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Eve!