Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 7

Yesterday morning it was 56* when I got my ass out of bed. So I decided to walk outside. I actually talked myself into doing some [very slow] jogging. I didn't use a program or anything. Honestly, I picked a couple of cul de sacs in our subdivision and jogged in those. Cul de sac = less traffic = less people that will see me. Why should I be embarassed since I'm the one not sitting on my ass? Not sure. Total self esteem issues. It felt good though. I got to where I'd jog past where I'd said I was going to stop. I'm actually feeling a little sore today.
The hubs even complemented me the other day. Telling me that I just keep getting sexier. It was nice to hear, yes. But I just kinda blew it off. The ole' a guy will tell you anything just to get you into bed kind of thing. Then I got to thinking, this is the skinniest he has ever seen me. As of Feb 1st we've been together 9 years. I later told him Thank You and that I appreciated him taking the time to tell me, but I don't feel like I deserved it. Which is ridiculous. I'm the one that's doing all the work. Nobody else should get credit for it. Not sure if I've mentioned it, but I'm still (exclusively) pumping for my youngest. Breastfeeding burns more calories so maybe I feel like I'm cheating.

I've set a mini-goal for myself that I'm hoping I haven't set myself up for failure. Memorial weekend we'll be visiting my sister. My size 14 capris that I have hanging up. I want to fit in those by then. I'm thinking I'd have to lose 20% by then. That's another 31# to lose. What I experienced doing WW was that I'd go down a size every 10%. I haven't quite hit that yet (even including the extra 5# I add). So I just looked and Memorial weekend is 12 wks away. Maybe it just seemed closer b/c I'm looking forward to it. Now this sounds a little more doable. Pretty sure I'm going to hit a plateau b/w now and then. The reason I'm waiting until that weekend to go is b/c I will be done pumping by the beginning of May. Something else I'm looking forward too. I'd be naive to think that it won't have an affect on my weightloss.

I just used to figure how far I went yesterday...1.89 miles. Sweet.

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