Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 10

Holy donkey balls!!!!  [-25.5# total]

I cut back about 200 calories each day. Just for the week I'll change it back to normal tomorrow. I wasn't happy with the 1 lb loss last week. I know 1#  is better than nothing. I just wasn't happy with how I ate last weekend. I really did the best I could having family visiting. I have a good hold on food/calories when I'm home and its just us, but outside of that I'm still a little lost.
I worked out harder. I did Leslie Sansone's Deluxe Fat Burning Walk DVD twice [4 miles]. It's ridiculously cheesy. Filmed in the 90s if that gives you a clue. Got it from the library. It does make you sweat though. I find her pretty annoying and its hard to get past that [for me at least]. It was a little on the easy side for me, so its definitely for those just getting into exercising. I did really like that it was easy on my knees. Also did my walk/jog the other days.
I also had my low calorie pizza casserole for meals all week. 248 calories per serving [9 servings]. I swap out the ground beef for chopped onion and green & red peppers. Use 1 jar light Ragu and 1/2 pkg pepperonis. It is so good and so filling.

Also want to share this BMI calculator that I found on WebMD. I didn't like the results but I like how it personalizes the calculation. 36.99%, I still have 7% to go until I'm classified as 'overweight'.

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  1. congratulations on the weight loss to date and this week! That's great.

    I'm not a big fan of the walking DVD's either, but they do get your heart rate up.